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About Eccentryc Dragon Creations

Charles McGarry, Author and Artist


If you love fantasy, science fantasy, or any other form of Speculative Fiction, you won’t be disappointed. I do some non-fiction as well.


 I specialize in Photo Manipulation Art, as well as original pieces, you’re sure to find something that tickles your weird here.


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Eccentryc Dragon Creations is the home of the imaginative works of Charles McGarry. Under this umbrella you will find Eccentryc Dragon Press – Home of the fantastical realms of Novyra, and Eccentryc Dragon Art – Home to the visual fascinations of Charles’ mind.

Charles McGarry is a truly unique individual. A self proclaimed free thinker who loves to think deeply about many issues, he is constantly immersed in questions about reality. He lives in the Arizona furnace with his two amazing children, and a rather eccentric cat. He was raised on a small hay farm in southern Utah. As an only child, his home terrain gave a perfect backdrop to explore his active imagintation.

A very eclectic individual, Charles enjoy all kinds of different movies and music and is a huge bookworm, of course. His genres of choice are inspirational non-fiction and Fantasy, and he isa huge fan of authors like Terry Brooks, JRR Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, CS Lewis, Wayne Dyer, and Eckhart Tolle.

Charles is enamored with ancient world history, especially Egyptology, and also likes to play video games. He is also a proud health nut, and a huge fan of yoga and meditation for releasing stress.