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Eccentryc Dragon Press

Charles McGarry, Author and Artist

Novyra is translated Streams of Existence, and is a network of various different worlds that exist within different times and dimensions. The multiverse is ruled and manipulated by a race of time traveling, magic wielding demiurges known as the Kan’shah. Their exact origins are unknown, and few are seen by the inhabitants of the various worlds. Talindor’s Guest, a standalone novel, is the first book in the world. Many future books are planned, and will be set within this vast universe.


“Along the many complex currents of existence lies a bleak, desolate planet. Once densely populated, lush with vegetation, and teeming with life, it now lies barren and forsaken; evidence of years of marauding by a great and powerful dragon. To this world an equally powerful being has arrived, traveling the currents with his magic. The Traveler soon discovers that he must entertain a very finicky dragon in exchange for his life, and only the most extraordinary stories will suffice. He may escape, yet there is a chance his travels may have come to an end. Such is the dilemma of Talindor’s Guest.”




“These are the musings of a passionate, eccentric, and unconventional thinker, which have been formed out of the hard learned lessons of life. Within you will find essays on the meaning of existence, being human, and the pursuit of a fulfilled life. As you venture in, avail yourself of an open mind. The closed mind can never grow beyond the confines of its enclosures.”






“A glimpse into the mind of a fantasy author who is obsessed with dragons. Inside are the thoughts, feelings, perplexities, and conundrums that go through the mind of a very unconventional writer. It is a journey into the craft of writing, and into the the mind behind the writing.”